MPD [ My Public Diarry (: ]

At first, I didn’t understand how people would become so engulfed in those twitter or Tumblr love quotes. Love, I saw it as realistic, but I didn’t know I would actually feel something of the sort. I thought those consistent butterflies were all just fairy tales. In the beginning it was great, but sometime down the road I lost myself. I cared for someone so much that I forgot to care about myself. So when I felt like he stopped caring I thought all was lost. It hurts when you willingly place your heart in someone’s hand and the torture it with salty words and lies. How could I be so foolish to let him steal my power? I allowed it. This. Its funny, I still love him. But I will continue to grow. I am young and my life is just beginning. Love is a battlefield, and our hearts are our soldiers. I’ll take this lesson learned and become stronger. I deserve better. Something more, something good, something worth fighting for. Its time for something new.

Do you ever get over your first love?

It hurts. It is so painful. All you can do is question if what you had was really real. It sucks feeling like your not good enough. Like you never will be good enough. You have to start all over with somebody new. This is what they call heartbreak.

How is it complicated? Any weekend plans?


When love is that STRONG you do what you can to save it. People aren’t as easy as conversions… We go thru phases. Im over certain things which would over time help me let go.

But if I could save something with so much potential, I would.